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Small Business Corporate Identity Packages

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Many business owners don’t realize that having a custom designed corporate identity package is very important. Some may even be asking what is a corporate identity package. This is a package that should be professionally designed by a graphic artist such as ours. This corporate package includes three major design elements. The first element would be the business card. Business cards are very important as it leaves the first impression with the potential client or customer. Having a professionally designed logo on your business card is critical. This helps the potential client realize that you are in business for real.

The second element of the corporate identity package is a letter head. If you are in business you should know what a letter head is. This letter head should have your logo on it as well as a nice design. It includes any information about your business on it. Having a branded letter head shows professionalism at its best. When you receive a bill or letter from a business, what do you see? There logo, company information and maybe there colors. By having a professional letter head you are creating a presence about your business.

The third and final element but not least important is the envelope. This also will have your logo on it. Sending professional letters in a professionally designed envelopes is a must. Customers know exactly where it is coming from before even opening up the envelope.

Choosing the right graphic service can be challenging. Make sure to look at the portfolio of the graphic designers you are choosing from. Always make sure you will get 100% satisfaction for your small business.

This package is very popular with all of our small business clients. We are now offering a corporate identity package discount to all small businesses. Please contact Web Coast Concepts and get yours done today.