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business corporation

What’s Better for Our Economy, Small Business or Corporations – Why Choose?

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One thing intriguing about joining the ranks of intellectuals is that you always have intriguing dialogue to pursue, thoughts to consider and well, in my case running a think tank it surely keeps my mind humming along. But, today, I’d like to talk to you about a recent conversation something we’ve heard a lot about – small business, corporations and jobs – basically some of the foundational bricks of our economy.

Not long ago, Jared Kent and I were having an interesting discourse on this topic, and eventually he simply stated; “Okay maybe corporations in their essence are just fine,” indicating that they were not perfect, but considering, they aren’t so bad really. Yes, let’s talk shall we?

Corporations are persons under the law, and no person I’ve met was perfectly fine, even Jesus was a bit of a socialist from what I have read. One problem of corporations is the restrictions placed upon them, another is the groupthink leadership, but then again Heaven probably has a committee to see who gets in, while hell allows all-comers, which is much more inclusive and fair! Ha ha ah ha ha. The Devil made me say it?

Jared reminded me of his stance on this issue stating; “I tend to lean more towards small and local business, small and local government, and small and local investment. Of course big business and money is needed for big innovation much of the time.”

Okay so, I say let the best deliverer of products and services win, no advantage given by government to any one group, the market will weed out the weak, competition prevails, and everyone wins, that’s free-markets, that is what’s needed. Companies that grow organically by serving the needs of the user, or customer deserve to win. We should let them prevail when they do, companies that don’t should be allowed to fail. There are great rewards in free-markets so there should be big responsibilities too.

Are people who seek wealth bad? Are corporations that seek profits evil? Certainly not, consider this; essentially, this is the goal of a free-market economy, when you desire to get more, you have to give to society more of what it wants to grow your business to get more, and in doing so you are then again giving more. Those of wealth who have done that are not evil, they have given us everything we see, everywhere we go, it is like the truck drivers say; everything you have was bought by truck, somewhere along its journey.

Small Businesses deliver goods and services, Corporations deliver goods and services, therefore they are both inherently good, why should we choose, the more entities that deliver all we need, want and desire, the better for our vibrant economic future. Please consider all this and think on it.

Business Life Insurance Part X – Businesses Corporations and How to Set Up

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There are 2 types of corporations:

1. Public corporation:

A public corporation is a legal entity that has a distinct personality for tax and legal status. It generally is started by its original shareholders who provide the start-up cash or assets in exchange for their shares. The corporation may eventually be owned by a large number of shareholders.

The share holders invest in the corporation have certain rights:

a. Voting right.
b. The right to elect directors.
c. The right to receive dividends.
d. The right to buy and sell the corporation stocks.
e. The right to examine the corporation book.
f. The right to share any surplus on the wind-up of the corporation.

The shareholders’ liability is only limited to the total sum of the investment, except in case of fraud and wrong doing.

2. Private corporation:

Operated similar to public corporation except the shares of the corporation are owned by very limited number of shareholders.

How to set up a corporation:

Setting up a corporation requires the application for a Charter or Articles of Incorporation to be filed with the appropriate provincial or federal regulators. If approved a charter is granted. A Charter or Articles of Incorporation is a contract that exists between the legal jurisdiction, the incorporators and their shareholders.

The following information is required to set up a corporation:

a. Name of corporation.
b. Location of its Head Office.
c. Purpose.
d. Authorized capital, classes of shares holding the capital, number of shares of each class and their issue price.
e. Any restrictions to the sale of shares or classes of shares.
f. Description of shares, attributes, designation, preferences, rights and conditions.
g. List of incorporators, including addresses and number of shares held and price paid for shares.
h. List of first directors, including addresses.
i. Any additional information required by law.

To set the company in motion, the Board of Directors must present and choose the corporation by-laws at their first meeting.

All corporations are governed by corporation by-laws which is chosen at the corporation’s first meeting. By-Laws are the code of regulations and instructions for operation, duties and obligation of the corporation and its officers. If you need more information of the above subject, please visit my home page at:


Finding The Best Business Corporate Gifts

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Finding the best business corporate gifts is not as hard as you may think. You just have to know your type of crowd and avoid giving away cheap items as business corporate gifts as it will provide you nothing less than a negative response from your clients or customers.

If your market is the hip and trendy UK youths, then go with the flow and give them promotional items that they would use with no shame. Give them a cool radio or gadget that the UK youths can’t live without. Make sure to choose the right kind of design that would captivate the youth. Also, don’t exaggerate your company logo’s placement on the item or else it will just get ditched and will never be used. You want to put value to your money so choose wisely. Actually, this type of gift item would not cost you much at all. Promotional radios are easy on the budget but it’s one of the most sought after type of giveaways by the youth or people working for media advertising.

If your market is the corporate executives then choose the right type of business corporate gifts that these elites would use. They’re the big bosses, the high ranking elites, the corporate gurus and they deserve promotional items that cost a bit more than ordinary. After all, they are not ordinary people. Gifts such as a Cross pen, digital clocks, organizers, key rings, watches or an excellence award are great ideas. These are items that executives would like to receive and would use or display in their offices. Don’t go cheap on these items though, you wouldn’t want to present your company to be cheap as well on these big people.

For your best customers or clients, your main goal is to keep them as your customer or client and not switch to a competitor. It’s necessary to keep them happy not just with your services or goods but with rewards that you give them which they would appreciate. Your customers or clients would love to feel appreciated and when you get to make them feel valued, they wouldn’t consider switching to one of your competitors.

Consider these business corporate gifts as an investment that would help your company grow. Having a solid relationship with the people you serve must always be your main goal. Long-standing relationships are vital in any company. Give gifts to your long-time customers or customers that have made a big purchase. Yearly gifts are definitely an excellent idea. Your customers would stay with you knowing that they would get a great item from your company every year. You spend just a small fraction of the revenue you’ll get from them through this and you get to keep them happy. Every now and then, surprise them with corporate gifts as well. Everybody loves surprises. Always update your chosen business corporate gifts; your customers or clients wouldn’t want to receive the same item over and over again unless of course if they demand for it. Keep them happy and you’ll definitely reap great rewards.