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Best Fat Loss Program: What Busy Corporate Workers Should Look Out For

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Looking for the best fat loss program that is both effective and time efficient? There are so many fat loss programs and products out there that it is hard to determine which is the most suitable for you. It is especially challenging for us corporate workers where time is a precious commodity. Juggling work, family commitments and the daily commute, just the thought of going to the gym for an hour of workout at the end of a long workday is probably not the most exciting thing to do.

The problem with most fat loss programs out there today is, many of them are just not designed for us corporate workers. Those programs either require you to workout at a gym for up to an hour each time, involve some fancy equipment or have to endure ridiculous starvation meal plans.

The personal trainer trap:

Some of us actually make an attempt to join a gym and maybe even engage a personal trainer in an attempt to lose beer belly. Kudos to you if you are one of them. But the problem with this is, going to the gym requires you to dedicate at least an hour per session. Not a lot of us have this luxury of time. And to be honest, not all personal trainers know what they are doing. Because most personal trainers are paid by the hour, I’ve actually seen some personal trainers waste time talking to their clients about irrelevant topics more than guiding them on their workout. Whats worse is that some personal trainers even tell their clients to perform dangerous movements that put their clients at the risk of injury. At the end of the program, you see little result if anything at all. Then they tell you that they need more time to work on you to see results. Sound familiar?

Of course not all personal trainers are like that. But the truth is, good personal trainers are hard to come by. When they do, they don’t come cheap.

Because of our unique schedule and requirements, a corporate worker’s fat loss program has to be designed around simplicity, time efficiency and most of all sustainability.

Here are the 5 factors that you should look out for in a fat loss program before you embark on any training program:

1. The Exercise Component

Any fat loss program that does have any element of exercise, is incomplete. Exercise is a key component in any fat loss program. There are so many benefits that come with exercising that it is almost unthinkable why it is not included. Exercising not only helps sustain your fat loss, it also improves your health, makes you feel more energetic and gives you those desirable muscles and curves that can only come with exercising.

2. Workout Duration

Even if the fat loss program includes an exercise regime, it has to be fast, short and effective. Anyone who only has a couple of hours free each day doesn’t want to drive to and from a gym (takes more time) and go through the pomp and circumstance required to condition that way. Those who do try it usually attend erratically for a while and then quit. So ideally, each workout routine should take no more than 45 minutes.

3. On the Go Exercise

The third thing corporate workers need when looking for the quickest way to lose weight is a form of exercise that can be done anywhere and without any fancy equipment even when they have 20 minutes to devote to it. This needs to take little time for preparation and not require a great deal of cool down time when the activity is over.

4. A Flexible Workout Plan

Because many corporate employees need to lose beer belly fat, they are not in fantastic shape when they begin an exercise program. The third condition they need for their agenda is to have a workout that is within their capabilities at the start, but has room for more challenging exercises as abilities improve. In line with the type of workout, a program needs to be focused on exercises that are intense enough to engage major muscle groups and to ensure that calories are burnt not just during the exercise, but more so after the workout is over. (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption or EPOC for short)

5. A Sensible Diet Another factor in how to reduce tummy fat is a sensible diet that provides enough variety and low caloric intake to reap benefits from the exercise program. It can’t be a starvation diet and it must take into consideration some way of keeping daily caloric in take within limits. In addition to advocating the consumption of nutritious foods, there needs to be a strategic dieting component in place that works in synergy with the exercise component to produce the most optimum result for you.

When these factors are implemented, it is definitely possible for a busy corporate worker to drop some weight and get on the road to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle without having to compromise a lot on your spare time. Based on the position a corporate employee holds, any fat loss program may have to be a personal one without the participation of co-workers. For it to be successful, the individual has to be a self-starter who is highly motivated and dedicated to weight loss.

Relief for Minority Shareholders Under the Oregon Business Corporation Act

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Minority shareholders in closely held corporations often feel trapped when there is conflict with the other shareholders. Frequently the minority shareholder is unaware of the legal remedies available to them. Specifically, ORS 60.951 et seq., the “Oregon Business Corporation Act”, which applies to corporations whose shares aren’t traded publicly or nationally, grants a court extensive power to impose legal and equitable remedies on the corporation and its shareholders including: 

  1. Ordering an accounting;
  2. Altering or compelling corporate action including reversal of shareholder or director action;
  3. Removal and appointment of directors or officers;
  4. Appointment of a custodian to manage corporate affairs;
  5. Compelling distributions;
  6. Awarding damages to an aggrieved party;
  7. Compelling the purchase and sale of a shareholder’s shares at “fair value” instead of “fair market value” and the terms of any such sale; and,
  8. Dissolution of the corporation.

While the shareholders and corporation may validly exclude certain remedies available under the statute, they can’t validly exclude a court’s exercise of its power to order an accounting, to award damages, or to compel dissolution of the corporation. 

A shareholder can invoke these remedies in a case: (1) of director deadlock which the shareholders can’t break that causes irreparable injury to the corporation or to its shareholders generally; (2) where the directors or those in control of the corporation have, are or will act in an illegal, oppressive or fraudulent manner; (3) corporate assets are being misapplied or wasted; or, (4) the shareholders have been unable after two consecutive annual meetings to elect directors who will succeed directors whose terms have expired.

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International Business Corporation – Is It Right For You?

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What is an IBC or International Business Corporation?

An IBC is essentially a limited liability corporation.

A limited company which has basically the same rights and privileges as that of an ordinary limited company. With the prime difference being that they generally are not allowed to do business in the country where they have formed the corporation. They are able to do business in all other countries of the world which will allow them permission to conduct their business.

Let me expound. They are not allowed to do business in the country they are formed but they are allowed to have their administration offices there. They just cannot conduct their normal course of business.

Now you say what is the benefit of having a IBC if they have the same rights and responsibilities but cannot operate in the country in which they are formed.

You have the responsibilities of paying the normal taxes and adhering to all of the laws of the country in which you are doing business. Therefore you do have to pay income tax there.

The benefit of the IBC is that once you have taken your taxed paid funds or profits out of the country in which you are doing business and repatriate them back into the country where your IBC is resident then the gain you make on those funds are not taxable. As the profits the company makes are not taxable in the country of residence. This may also include something as simple as interest on the deposits you have in the country of residence. Many of these countries do not charge tax on the interest earned. Or capital gains on the assets of the company. One

Bottom line:

  • Assets of the IBC can grow tax-free or with minimal tax once tax has been paid in the country of where the business was conducted and earned then the asset repatriated to the country of the IBC. Depending of the laws of your country of residence and how they govern your activity.

Another major advantage of the IBC:

  • The inaccessibility of litigators to get at the assets of the company as in many of these countries since there is not income being generated in the country then there is little or not reporting.

Therefore it is difficult for a litigator to determine the true assets of the company. If they do not know the assets they cannot attach leans or charges against the asset.

Further because the IBC is in a foreign country the cost of litigating such a company is extremely costly.

Does that mean the cost of setting up these companies is expensive?

In a word no. Generally no more expensive than setting one up in your home country.

Another benefit of an IBC is that is generally possible to

  • Utilize nominee shareholders and directors for the company

Thereby hiding the true identity of the people who actually own and operate the company.

Adding yet another layer of security for the principals to prevent or at least slow down the potential legal suits which can fall onto not only the companies but the owners of the companies from hungry litigators.

The major decision is if this type of strategy is of any benefit to your situation. Only you can decide that. As we are not giving either tax advise or legal advise merely stating what does exist out there. It is strongly recommended you talk with a reputable and knowledgeable professional who details with these matters as their main course of business. As there can be far too many potential problems for those not thoroughly familiar with the regulations of both your country of residence and the country you may chose to start your International Business Corporation.