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Tips For Planning Business & Corporate Events

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Planning any type of business or corporate event involves planning and great organizational skills. Events can vary from simply invitations, food, and table decorations to elaborate gala dinners where themes and table presentation are critical.

Significant thought should be given to the nature of your event. For example you would not organize a corporate picnic lunch in the middle of winter for the obvious reason. Every contingency must be considered when event planning to avoid disaster. Every event should have exact guest list numbers to ensure that catering and dietary requirements are met. It is equally important to determine the location and day/s of the week to hold the event.

The Types of corporate events activities that require event planning and organizing are company picnics, Christmas dinners or breakup events, employee retirement or resignation parties, Fund raising events, gala dinners and conferences.

For business events such as the in-house meetings and conferences it is essential to set clear goals and have a clear plan. Assignments and activities can be designed around groups or team setting. Make sure the purpose of the meeting or conference is clear and communicated to all attendees. Ensure that speakers are also informed of the topic or outcome of the meeting or corporate event.

When searching for relevant speaker or trainer for your event, ensure that you allow relevant time to book them as many may be booked in advance. Ensure you have a defined budget, as you may need to factor in travel costs and accommodation for the speaker. Request a simple course outline or ask the presenter to take you through the presentation. Find out whether the speaker or trainer has presented to similar groups and at which events.

For all events ensure that the venues and function room layout are suitable for the meeting, conference or training session. Ensure that the room layout meet the needs of the trainer and attendees. Learning material need to cater for different learning styles. Vary material for visual auditory or kinaesthetic learners. The U shape table configuration is most acceptable for meetings whereas classroom style or round table settings are commonly used in conferences or larger corporate events.

Finally when guests arrive to your event, hosts, speakers and trainer must build rapport with the attendees. This important to make attendees at your event feel comfortable and relaxed. The host or greeter should make sure that guests feel welcomed.

Corporate events are often tedious for both organizer and attendees, however if you follow some of the advice provided it can be an enjoyable and fun learning environment. The atmosphere of your event is the key. Keeping the atmosphere simple, warm and flexible will ensure that your corporate or business event is a success.

Small Business Corporate Culture

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Every business must take the right steps to cultivate the culture it desires. The culture is the single greatest force that affects your employees. You want all employees to convey the feelings and attitudes that best support your company’s goals. No matter how many employees you have, you want all of them to project the coherent company culture that you want customers, vendors, and others to perceive about your company.

Your corporate culture does not relate directly or exclusively to your profit margin. Rather, it relates to the emotional health and well-being of your employees which is closely related to your profit margin. Be sure your employees get the right training to do their job well and to grow professionally. Be sure that the work pace is sustainable and will result in good quality. Always show employees that you appreciate their contributions and reward special achievements.

You can gauge the health or your corporate culture by observing your employees. You want to hear laughter in the office, and you want employees to be focused. If you notice the absentee rate increasing or employees taking longer lunches and breaks, it may mean that your corporate culture needs to be revisited. On a regular basis, have lunch or coffee with different employees and ask them to discuss their concerns and make suggestions.

To really show your employees that you care more about them than profit, schedule a social event during work hours.

Jo Ann Joy, Esq., MBA, CEO
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Business: Corporate Wellness Needs to Focus on Root Vs. Fruit

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In business, we like results. Results are what tell us that what our business is doing is working. Results also tell us if what our business is doing is not working. Either way, results are a measure of what our business is doing. They are an outcome for us. The outcomes we are looking for come only from actions.

Actions are what bring your business results. The actions your business takes are leading to outcomes. If your business is doing things that lead to positive results, you must be taking the proper actions. If your business is doing things that are leading to negative results, you must have some opportunities to change or improve your actions.

Often in business, we get focused on the fruit. The fruit is just what it sounds like. It is the result of a healthy and well-nourished tree. When you have a plan in business you are looking for fruit. In order to make it turn out the way you want it to, you have some specific actions to take. A farmer planting a fruit tree needs to water the tree and give it time to mature. As it matures, the roots grow stronger and good fruit will be a result. The farmer doesn’t just stick a tiny apple tree in the ground and expect apples to grow.

In business, you have the same needs. You can’t simply focus on or hope for good results and get them. You have to put sound plans into place, allocate resources, and provide support, training and communication to make sure that your company is able to carry out the actions needed to get the results you want.

What if your business simply set a goal in hoped it would happen? That wouldn’t make much sense, would it? In healthcare, many companies are doing just that. They want to reduce health costs, but are not doing anything to ensure that it will happen. Instead of taking action and working on the root of the issue, most companies are simply waiting for the renewal each year and paying more when it comes back higher than last year’s. This “strategy” is taking place in all industries across our country. Companies today want fruit. They want their healthcare costs to come down. What they don’t want to do is invest in the root that will allow them to grow the fruit they so badly need.

Why does this happen? It happens because focusing on the fruit doesn’t get you anywhere without focus on the root.

When a company focuses on the root, good things happen. This works in all areas of business. Take training for example. You wouldn’t hire someone and just hope that they did a good job. You wouldn’t assume that they knew what they were doing and how to do their tasks on a day to day basis. Your company would put them through training and provide specific guidelines for them to follow to get their sense of orientation with their new job. In this case, training is the root and good performance is the fruit. You can’t have one without the other. No matter how much you need someone to perform well and want them to do it, without training, they will not be able to do it. If they do it will be after a long period of learning and mistakes that will cost your company a great deal of money, time and headaches. That is why we train. Smart businesses know that focus on training brings good results. In other words, they know that focus on the root leads to good fruit.

Wellness gives companies an opportunity to focus on the root of their employees, their health and healthcare in general. Without a strategy, there is only a mere hope and a prayer for improvement in the area of health. If left to convenience, ease and general knowledge, our employees and society as a whole is on the decline. Health is getting worse by the day which means we are continuing to pay more for health care.

In business, hope is not a strategy. The only way for your company to get results is to take action. Not only does your company need to take action, but it needs to take the right actions. When it comes to healthcare there are many options to take. Unfortunately, most businesses, especially small businesses are unclear on which options are right for them.

The fact is, any action is going to bring some results. The state of today’s healthcare environment is just what we’ve been hearing about: a crisis. A crisis is not the time to do nothing. When in crisis, shouldn’t action be taken? Wellness is the best action your company can take to mitigate costs and increase positive results within your workforce. Wellness programming is the root of employee health and reduced costs, increased productivity and many other factors are the fruit that your company gets as a result.